private workshop

In a private workshop for expressive painting, doors to the hidden corners of the soul swing open wide. Here, in a space of freedom and expression, every splash of color becomes a cry of emotions, every interplay of hues a dance of feelings.

The 4-day private workshop for expressive painting takes place on your estate in Apulia, Italy. Only a maximum of 5 participants can join, and all materials are provided by us.

Inspired by the philosophy of Slowlento, we embrace slowness and dive deep into the ocean of our inner landscapes. We let ourselves be carried by the waves of creativity, feeling the pulsating heart of our passion and igniting the fire of our inspiration.

The canvas becomes a mirror of our soul, where we project our dreams, fears, and hopes. Every stroke tells a story, every shade sings a song of longing. In this moment of purity, we are one with our inner selves, connected to the universal language of art.

Guided gently by an experienced artist, we explore the boundless depths of our creativity. We break down the walls of self-doubt and dance with vibrant colors across the horizon of our imagination.

In the flow of artistic creation, we find healing and redemption. We let our tears drip onto the canvas, our laughter shine through in the colors of the rainbow. Each moment is an act of liberation, a step on the path to self-discovery.

Thanks to the inspiration from, we delve deeper into the magic of creative expression. We let ourselves be carried by the melody of slowness and open our hearts to the infinite possibilities of art.

Participants: maximum of 5 people from your private circle of friends or family
Location: The workshop takes place on your private estate.
Date: 4 days by individual arrangement
All materials are included in the package Cost: on request